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bull market is back

After a long period of consolidation, the crypto markets have recently shown an uptrend, especially in the major coins such as BTC, ETH, and other altcoins. With this recent surge of positive crypto market sentiment, the market is hungry for a new viral meme project that can emerge to add fuel to the fire. That's where Rizz Inu comes into Rizz the markets.

Rizz Inu is the first ever Rizz-to-earn game; our mission is to become the next biggest meme of 2023. We aim to take advantage of the current bullish market trends by offering a new unique project that adds a more enjoyable atmosphere and a new dimension of amusement to the crypto community.

Rizz Inu is driven by the new viral trend surfacing on social media around "rizz". We take this term and its potential to the moon by combining its entertainment with accurate AI technology that allows users to conversate with artificial intelligence in a fun way. You play the game to test your Rizz and earn Rizz points as a reward. Players can stack up Rizz points to trade them for Rizz NFTs, generating $RIZZ passively.

what is rizz?

Rizz is one's ability to spit game successfully. If you're making a move on someone and you're nervous and make them feel uncomfortable talking to you, you got negative rizz. On the other hand, if you're confident, smooth, charming, and attentive to the other person when you're flirting, you got cha-rizz-ma.

What is rizz?

why is rizz going viral?

Kai Cenat, a famous YouTuber and Twitch streamer, coined the term Rizz and has since gone viral on TikTok, generating 8 billion views in the last 12 months for #Rizz! Aside from popularizing the term, Kai has taken it to new heights with his new Rizz Academy on Twitch, where he helps people with no game to learn how to Rizz. Kai has taken advantage of this viral trend and has succeeded by incorporating it in a very engaging and fun way. We aim to bring similar engagement and excitement to the crypto markets with Rizz Inu's Rizz-to-earn game.

memecoin potential

Memecoins in the past have gained tremendous popularity, with Dogecoin leading the charts. Dogecoin is a prime example of a meme coin with incredible market capitalization dominance. It has become one of the top ten cryptocurrencies regarding market cap. With the bull market taking suit, the age of meme coins is returning. With the OG meme coins already skyrocketing to their full potential, a new wave of meme coins will take over, Rizz Inu being one of them. At Rizz Inu, we aim to become the next viral meme coin that can pump the markets to the moon, so buckle up and rizz along!

Rizz Inu can become the biggest meme of 2023. Our project name has tremendous viral potential because it is trending on social platforms. Amid all the hype around Rizz, we are the first project to emerge to take advantage of this hype. We are capitalizing on this potential and will take our holders to the moon by building a solid community and delivering Rizz utility.


Regarding marketing, crypto projects usually follow the same suite; they begin with a Telegram page acquiring telegram shillers and influencers and then convert to Twitter with Twitter shillers. This form of outreach ultimately only catches the attention of roughly the same pool of users.

Social media is a potent tool for spreading content; when a trend goes viral, it quickly captures the attention of millions of users around the globe. At Rizz Inu, we are capitalizing on the #Rizz trend surfacing on social platforms to reach a broader audience beyond the crypto community. We will reach a massive audience in a short time.

tiktok marketing

Our marketing plan is what sets us apart from other projects. In contrast to Twitter and Telegram, which are text-based social platforms, our team is heavily focusing on TikTok marketing. TikTok’s algorithm-driven content distribution is unlike any other medium, with an emphasis on its viral ability. TikTok’s visual blueprint will allow our unique Rizz content to engage and connect with users more effectively than other text-based platforms. In addition to viral power, TikTok is the perfect social media platform for our target demographic.

The Rizz Inu team will collaborate with famous TikTokers to bring Rizz Inu to the TikTok community. Additionally, we aim to collaborate with Twitch streamers to have the Rizz game be played on famous live Twitch Streams. Our Rizz-to-earn game is a fun and engaging game that influencers would love to share with their followers. Collaborations are in the works and will soon be announced on our socials.

community growth

Our team is putting significant effort into growing our Telegram and Twitter communities. Working with the Rizz community and crypto influencers to promote this project will be essential for the success of Rizz Inu. We plan to incorporate our community with meme contests, competitions, and other engaging events through our socials.

The Rizz Inu team is continuously working on new partnerships with influencers in the crypto space and will partner with projects of credible value. In addition, our marketing team is pursuing to increase Rizz Inu's visibility and credibility, starting with acquiring CMC and CG listings. Further down the road, marketing plans include Reddit and Youtube alongside more CEX listings. More on this will come; we will update our community, so stay tuned through our socials!

rizz to earn - how the game works

The first of its kind, a Rizz-To-Earn game. Talk to Aiyesha, your AI crush, and successfully Rizz her to gain Rizz points. The better your game is, the more points you acquire. Try different Rizz methods to test your game and see how well you can Rizz up Aiyesha!

To play Rizz-to-earn, players must connect their metamask wallets to the Rizz-to-earn app. Then they can start Rizzing away! Your total Rizz points will be tracked and kept on your wallet address, viewable within the Rizz app. Only the top-tier Rizz masters who have earned enough Rizz points will be displayed in the top 20 leaderboards.

Got Rizz? We'll see about that.

Step 1
Rizz aiyisha to earn rizz points

Step 2
Use rizzpoints to mint NFTS

step 3
Earn $Rizz by staking NFTS + $Rizz

rizz nfts

Stack up your Rizz Points [RP], then use your points to swap for Rizz NFTs. All packs contain three random NFTs of varying degrees of rarity and performance. By simply holding a Rizz NFT and staking $RIZZ, you will generate $RIZZ tokens passively. The rarer your NFT, the more $RIZZ your NFT will farm!

The Rizz NFTs themselves are beautiful works of art. Our developers are some of the best in the game and have created NFTs that Rizzers would be proud to flex among the community.

NFT Minting release date will be announced soon. Stay tuned on Rizz Inu's Twitter; you will want to take advantage of your chance to mint!


Where do Rizz-to-earn points come from?

For every $RIZZ transaction, there is a 6.9% transaction fee. Our team of developers will use most of the tax generated to buy back the Rizz token while burning the rest of the supply. The supply of repurchased tokens will be redistributed to the Rizz-to-earn players. Essentially this creates an equilibrium; redistributing the tokens we buy back and burning a portion of the rest of the supply is a deflationary tactic that can ensure proper token distribution.

passive income

Our Rizz-to-earn protocol rewards users that accumulate Rizz points to acquire the Rizz NFT packs. After trading your Rizz points in exchange for a Rizz NFT pack, the holder doesn't have to do anything actively. The holder of the NFT can earn a steady stream of $RIZZ tokens just by holding the NFT.

Rizz NFTs are connected to a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain that automatically distributes tokens to the NFT holder at set intervals. The rate and size of the $RIZZ tokens that are passively awarded to the holder depend on the respectable rarity tier of the NFT. The rarer the NFT, the more $RIZZ tokens are passively farmed.

Our passive income blueprint is beneficial and rewarding for novice investors and active traders. It opens the doors for new investors looking to invest in the $RIZZ token but want to refrain from trading actively.

Most notably, as the Rizz project gains popularity, it will grow the value of the $RIZZ tokens that the NFTs generate. In addition to the passive income benefits of simply holding a Rizz NFT, the holders gain exclusive exposure to the Rizz ecosystem and can benefit from the project's growth.




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Our team of developers are continuously working to improve the game with the goal of usability, accuracy, and fun!


As of now, users can rizz up one personality, Aiyesha. Her character is feisty and very entertaining to chat with. However, our developers are working on creating additional fresh AI personalities that will bring more dynamic and diverse interactions to our users. These AI personalities will evolve and adapt, providing users a unique interaction and experience.

Adding new characters and personalities will add to the excitement and fun of every unique interaction you have with the AI. These personalities will have varying levels of feistiness; some will be harder to rizz up, while others are easier and more suited for the average Joe-type rizz.

scoring system

The AI is constantly learning and intaking the responses provided by players of the Rizz Inu game. The more the game is played, the better the AI can articulate which responses correlate to a higher score. Our developers are constantly improving the game's feedback and score testing aspect. Rizz-to-earn generates a score between 0 Rizz - 10 Rizz based on your performance speaking with Aiyesha. When a round is finished, a 10x multiplier is applied to the score giving you the total earned Rizz Points for that round. Players will be able to view the total Rizz Points accumulated in their account from all the Rizz-To-Earn rounds played.

future developments

As the Rizz-Inu game is further improved with new personalities and features, our developers will build a mobile-friendly version of the game available on the app store. This development will be carried out alongside new Rizz Inu products outlined in stage 4 of Rizz Inu's Rizzmap.


Rizz Inu's team consists of members that have industry experience in their respective fields. These veterans bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to Rizz Inu with deep-rooted understandings of behaviours and trends that occur in the crypto market. We take pride in working with top-tier artists to create some of the highest-quality artwork in the crypto space. Bringing it all together is Rizz Inu's expert marketing team which continues to build critical partnerships with exchanges and influencers.

Together, with the experience our team has under their belt and our dedicated community, we are able to build a strong foundation for Rizz Inu.





Chrizztian bale




rizzy chad


ai is the next shift in our culture

Much like how the invention of the internet changed the world, AI is the next significant innovation for this generation. Newcomers to the technology may find underlying AI's true potential and foresee the personal benefits it can bring. We encourage people to play around with ChatGPT if they still need to see its value and potential. Keep in mind that although this technology has been in development for years, it has only hit the public hands for a couple of months. There is much more it can do and become.

Artificial intelligence poises many beneficial strengths. Some of the many powers of AI technology include unprecedented processing power, the ability to identify patterns in large amounts of data, automation of tedious tasks like customer service, and content creation, all of which can positively impact industries around the globe.

ai for rizz inu

We are one of the few projects using the powers of AI technology to innovate the crypto space. Rizz Inu incorporates AI technology into a social context where users can test their game by chatting with Aiyesha.

The AI used for Rizz Inu is a language processing model that generates human-like text with its given input. Aiyesha is being trained continuously to adapt to new personalities to maximize its Rizz-training capabilities. Stay tuned for updates on Rizz Inu's designated AI technology.

the big picture

The Rizz Inu team is working on delivering more utility through unique alternative entertainment avenues. We aim to add a new dimension of amusement to crypto by providing members of our community with an ecosystem of fun Rizz Inu experiences. The future stages of Rizzmap include:


Starting our own Rizz Inu podcast centred around the topic of Rizz. Bringing on famous YouTubers, TikTokers, Onlyfans girls, and other high-profile influencers to create the hottest new podcast around Rizz.


First-of-its-kind Rizz Inu collectables. A toy line of plush Rizz Inu figures that come in various sizes and colours, with each Rizz figure having its unique backstory and personality. These cuddly collectables can be marketed to a wide demographic.

rizz inuversity

An online school teaching the new generation methods and approaches of how to successfully Rizz. As social dynamics are constantly changing and evolving, Rizz Inuversity will allow students to enjoy learning new paths to navigating real-life social situations.

rizz ai dm-assistant

You're own personal Rizz-AI assistant that can help you navigate through personal social struggles that users may be going through. This personal Rizz-AI assistant can help understand personal situations better because there is a low-pressure environment where users can open up fully and receive tips that can help build the user's confidence and simulate various social scenarios.

Updates on the future of the Rizzmap will be given on our socials. Stay tuned


1 Billion

75% LP, 25% Project Growth

6.9% Buy Tax
6.9% Sell Tax